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Iphone 6 plus wifi speed. Telstra cable Australia


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Jun 15, 2010
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Gold Coast Australia
Just wanted to share a speed test with Telstra big pond cable using a Telstra gateway plus netgear C6300bd dual band modem router that supports AC wifi access Brisbane Australia.


As they say in Australia.

Bloody fantastic. The iPhone 6 plus screams.
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Just curious......the UPstream speed seems rather slow - compared to the DOWNstream......
What does Telstra state for speeds on the same tier via Ethernet??
Have you tried tests from other servers/sites besides Brisbane???
Here in the northeastern US....I find there can be a variance of 20-30Mbps down and 10-15Mbps up between servers...ie., Montreal, QB vs New York City (both ~250 km from my location in New Hampshire...).
Unfortunately up speed is dead slow and always has been. Optus in Australia I believe offers faster upload. Telstar has 2 services one with Telstra big pond which I am on and Telstra business. The business network offers much much faster uploads however mainly ADSL 2.plus. Slowly but surely NBN is beginning to be installed however it will take years to fully complete. As for test via other points yes I have tried that no gain at all and also figures are not accurate
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Thanx for the explanation.......of course, that doesn't do anything to solve your dilemma....!!:(
We accept slow upload that's life. Down load well I went from average 15 MBS per sec to 100 MBS average rate so I am real happy

This is the latest netgear modem we have here. Having dual Channel plus wifi AC means all new Apple devices scream [emoji13]
Impressive specs!! Especially for Netgear! (Sorry, Netgear fans....!!;))
I'm in the process of swapping ISPs.....our local phone co. (TDS Telecom) is offering TV/internet/phone packages...
TV...meh, nice but I don't watch that much (as a "charter member", though, I DO get free HD....FOR LIFE!!:D)
Now.....Internet.....ONE GIGABIT DOWNSTREAM (Ethernet)/400Mbps UP!!!!:eek: Totally fiber optic to-the-premises....
Cat 6 to the gateway (Cisco 2800, IIRC -- Dual-N).....word on the street is they're gearing up with 802.11ac SOON!!
So.......I'll be getting FULL GIGABIT service.....for the SAME PRICE I now pay Comcast for 150/20!!:rolleyes:
Only one little quirk.....the PHONE service will continue to be analog; the service entrance box houses a D/A converter for the "copper line"!!:confused: No biggie for me.....analog voice sounds the same as digital!!