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iPhone 6 Gets the iFixit Teardown Treatment


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Jul 27, 2011
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Apple's brand new iPhone 6 is out and making waves as it sells like wildfire around the globe. Of course, that means something special will occur for all of us tech-heads who love to see the innards of the latest mobile hardware: teardowns! The folks at iFixit are one of the best at this particular brand of technological surgery. Here's what they had to say about the iPhone 6's repairability,

  • That's all folks. The iPhone 6 earned a respectable seven out of ten. Here's why:
  • Continuing the trend from the iPhone 5 series, the display assembly comes out of the phone first, simplifying screen repairs.
  • The battery is straightforward to access. Removing it requires a proprietary pentalobe screwdriver and knowledge of the adhesive removal technique, but is not difficult.
  • The fingerprint sensor cable has been re-routed, fixing a significant repairability issue with the iPhone 5s and making the phone much safer to open. (On the 5s, the cable is easily torn if a user is not careful while opening the phone.)
  • The iPhone 6 still uses proprietary Pentalobe screws on the exterior, requiring a specialty screwdriver to remove.
  • Apple does not share repair information for the iPhone 6 with independent repair shops or consumers.

That's actually quite surprising really! Most of the time, iPhones don't score quite that well on the iFixit repairability as their design is very complicated. It looks like Apple is streamlining their process! Kudos.

Source: iFixit