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iFixit Is Already Tearing Down the iPhone 5


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Jun 18, 2010
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Just as you might expect (they are always the first!) iFixit has already started tearing down the iPhone 5 over in Australia, according to MacRumors. iFixit and MacRumors will be updating as the “operation” progresses. So far, the teardown has revealed that the iPhone 5 has the 5-point pentalobe screw that it used in the iPhone 4, which means that you must have a special screwdriver in order to be able to take the phone apart. Luckily iFixit has that very screwdriver though! iFixit has already got as far as the logic board, giving us a nice view of the A6 in situ. Following that, it removed the Lightning connector assembly, including the headphone jack and speaker. As iFixit notes, the smaller connector was pretty much a given, as a 30-pin connector simply would not have fit in the small space. So far, iFixit has got as far as the phone’s vibration motor, and is wondering why Apple decided to go back to using a rotational motor with a counterweight, after switching to a linear-oscillating vibrator for the iPhone 4S. iFixit says it is puzzled by the decision, as it believes the linea-oscillating vibrator is “quieter and less annoying,” and is also better looking!

Visit iPhone 5 Teardown - iFixit
to see the teardown updated as it progresses.

Source: iFixit Tears Down the iPhone 5 As It Goes On Sale in Australia - Mac Rumors
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