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iPhone 5 Digitizer and Charging Port not working


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Oct 16, 2014
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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for help with my iPhone 5
The other day I was trying to replace the back housing for my iphone. During battery removal, I accidentally heated it too much, it sparked and burned (the cable connecting to logic board was already removed). I proceeded with the rest of the phone.

After I put everything back together with a new battery, the charging port wasn't working, though speaker and headphone jack were functional. The digitizer was not working the screen turned on with stripes, so I unplugged the cable and plugged them back in, the screen looks perfect but digitizer was still not working.

I plugged in a brand new lcd screen, digitizer still wasn't working
Everything else worked fine, sim card is recognized, phone still taking calls

what is causing the problem here? if I replace the logic board, would it solve the problem?

I got an iPhone 6 because of this issue lol, but I really like the iPhone 5 design, hoping to get fixed with minimal cost

Help please, thank you