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iPhone 4s prepare for Shipment


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May 27, 2010
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For those checking your order status every hour, this might be old news :) For those that haven't, Apple has changed the status of many iPhone orders to "Prepared for Shipment". Similar to the iPad launch, iPhone 4 shipments will probably begin shipping right away and held at the shippers warehouse until June 24th.
Mine status has yet to change, but I will keep checking. thanks for the heads up.
There has been no change in my order from at&t order at this point but I did notice that the ctn. no. on the order looks like a phone number for my area of Michigan.
My status changed to Shipped this morning . I haven't been charged yet tho , will if charge when I sign for it ???
with me they charged me when i pre ordered on the phone

Yea they charged me right after pre order but then 2 days later took the charge off . I called they said it will be charged again the day they ship it . They shipped it and its gonna be here by 3pm the 23rd . I haven't seen a charge yet so I was wondering if it will be charged after I receive the Iphones.
yeah your right either before or on arrival, i dont see what the point was to pout the founds back onl to charge you again:S