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iPhone 4S Case Camera Flash Problem


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Feb 21, 2012
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Hey there. I'm new to these forums so hopefully I've chosen the right place to post this thread. Here's my problem:

I've got three iPhone cases, as I'll show below.

They are actually iPhone 4 cases (when I bought them I didn't think that it would make any difference). Everything works fine with them except for one thing - the camera flash. Whenever I try to take a photo with the flash function of the camera application on my iPhone 4S I get this horrible blurry effect (if blurry is the correct word to use here) when the pictures are taken.

Here is an example of a photo taken WITH one of my cases.

And here is an example of a photo taken WITHOUT any case on it.

As you can see, the photos look far nicer without the case on. The problem is that I really don't feel comfortable with just having my iPhone out in the wild without any protection at all. Sure, I've got a screen protector over the front screen but that certainly isn't going to protect my phone from a fall onto tarmac. I've searched online for solutions to this issue and everyone has said that you need to purchase a case made specifically for the iPhone 4S with a larger camera hole so that the flash can't reflect back. This is where I need help. I'd like a relatively cheap (around £5 or below) iPhone 4S hard back case that corrects this issue. I'd like some advice on this and/or some suggestions from you guys before I do anything.

Thanks in advance!

Not all covers to that! The speck pixel the otterbox defender and commuter, there are soooo many that don't:) and so many that DO!
The hole for the camera has to be just right or the flash will grab the cover and leave that result ;-)

Save the boxes for the covers?? If so taken them back and try covers above or take them out take a pix w flash before buying ;-) I agree I dislike removing case to take pics w flash;-(
I know What you mean!
Have the Same problem, friend of mine haves the iP 4 the flash light in compare of the 4s is Mutch different 4s produced almost twice as Mutch light!

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