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iPhone 4: Yet another camera improvement


Jun 20, 2010
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I actually haven't heard anything mentioned, but as compared with my old 3G, the shutter speed seems a lot faster. As much I loved my 3G camera, the slow shutter speed used to drive me nuts. As long as you were shooting something that's sitting still (like a rock) you were fine. But taking a picture of something that's moving wildly all over the place (like a sleeping person with slow steady breathing) your picture would be so blurry. Today, with my iPhone 4 I was taking a picture out the window of a car rolling down the freeway, and it gave me a clear picture. Even the road signs that were moving past the window were all clear. I'm pleased. Has anyone heard apple mention that they were going to improve the shutter speed?
It's a software improvement.. My 3GS did the same thing untill I loaded IOS4 on it. Like you say it's a welcome improvement! Even tho I really didn't think too much about it untill I took my first IOS4 shot..lol
I believe we're talking about shutter lag. If it's perceptible, it's too long. Almost all the old digital point and shoots were guilty of this. Happy to hear Apple has managed to minimize the shutter lag. Just rece'd my ip4 tonite. Will test it out over the weekend.
Oh, the shutter speed also plays a part, but less so on shots taken outside in good light vs low light indoor shots. Looking at photos posted online, Apple has done a pretty good job bringing all the elements together.