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IPhone 4 white

Yes I thought that too, but they say that they have them in stock and ready to ship to me in 2-3 days by UPS.
So this is a fraud?
Yup, fraud scam... Or they are replacing parts on a black to make it look white....lol apple for sure won't take that one in for repair!
I'm really upset and tired, I've been waiting for iPhone 4 white color for 6 months and I used Nokia N73 until damage

Now, I'm using small Nokia device with blue screen
sorry to hear that you guys are sick of waiting for the white. i dont know why it takes apple so long. and if your unsure just go to apple.com iphone.. buy now and you will see under the white one it says not available yet, so how can any one else have them? unless like danny said they modified the black to make it look like a white one
If nothing is announced today about the white one. I wouldn't be holding my breath..:)
what is the big deal about the white anyway?
im happy w/ the black one.
what is the big deal about the white anyway?
im happy w/ the black one.

it seems some like the colour better then black. i think women have the white more? or am i wrong..

but imo the black looks better anw
I like the white one as well but after you put a cover/bumper and an invisible shield, you can't even see much of the white anymore. We'll have to see when the white one becomes available at the end of July.

If you cannot wait for the white iPhone or if you have a black iPhone, just get a white case for your iphone. AT&T and Apple sells them.