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iphone 4 voice control problem


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Mar 31, 2013
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i have an iphone 4 that is running the latest operating system. i have updated the phone. i had a cracked LCD screen so i ordered a replacement from ebay the screen came with a new home button with no flex connector. so i had to swap out the old flex connector on the home button. when i assembled the phone i had no home button function. so i installed a new home button with a new flex connector and the phone worked for a week then the home button started to not work and when i pressed the home button the phone would go into voice control randomly and sometimes the history bar would pop up from the bottom of the screen. i read around on some forums and decided to change the charging port flex cable because that has the connector where the home button attaches thinking that was the problem. now i have changed the charging port and the problem still is happening. all the parts i bought off ebay and where inexpensive. what should i change next? do the cheap home buttons on ebay sometimes not work? should i install another home button? i think the problem is with the home button because if i use the phone and don't touch the home button everything will work fine but as soon as i touch the home button the problem will start for about 30 secs.

i am not going to take the phone to an apple dealer and pay $150 to get it working. if i am going to spend that money i will put it towards a new phone