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iphone 4 charging issue


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Sep 20, 2011
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i have an iphone 4 cdma from verizon, its a few days over 1 year so no more warranty. the dock connector on the phone is visually fine, i completely cleaned out all dust and gunk as well, all pins and everything is intact perfectly fine.

just yesterday i plugged in my phone before bed and it said charging not supported accessory or whatever, so i restarted it, and went to sleep and it charged. i woke up and it had the same error on the screen, it was no longer charging and at 98%.. so im like okay, then i unplugged it and replugged it numerous times, and it refuses to charge, it knows the cable is being plugged in though because its getting feedback to say its not supported.

i then proceeded to restore my phone to stock 5.1.1 without any modifications, i was able to do that on my computer with some difficulty but i got it done, and now i'm with the same issue.

i've tried multiple cables, even went down to the verizon store and tried a brand new cable. same issue. i have no warranty and i'm out of options here, if its not the cable it must be the connector.. i have someone willing to do the connector for me for $40.. but i don't know what i should do.


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May 22, 2012
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Did you try a hard reboot, hold the power and home button down at same time until you see the apple logo, then release them. See of it clears it up.

If it didn't then allow battery to go down till it shits itself off and then let it charge and don't use it while its charging if possible use little as possible, best not to use it at all, then once its 100%, leave it on charge still for about 1 hr, then take it off and see if it clears it up.

Everyone needs to do the battery recalibration once a month thats the thing i just mentioned to do above.

If all these things fail, then i say your battery is on its way out, you can purchase a new one online at ifixit.com

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