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iPhone 4 only charges on Mac or PC, but not to wall or car.


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Sep 22, 2011
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Weirdest thing,

iPhone 4 will charge on Mac or PC with USB plugin, but not charge on wall or in car.

-It is not a defect of the wall plug or usb wire or car charger.....those same cables all work with my wife's and daughter's iPhone. And too, using their cables on my iPhone ends up with the same result that my phone only charges on a PC or my Mac.

What I have done:
=Soft reset. Multiple times
-Hard reset. Multiple times
-Reset to factory settings, loading original firmware.
-Reverted to previous and current version of iOS
-Clean the iPhone port as well as possible (but as Apple said if the port was the problem then it wouldn't charge on the computer.
-Reseated the Sim card.
And spent an hour on the phone with Apple, which suggested to reset everything to factory settings.

The problem is still there, it does not charge with any of the 4 USB wall plugs and 3 car charges that I have access to. But will charge on a PC or my mac.

Apple did say to take it to a Genius, but the caveat is that "probably not a hardware issue" since you can charge it on a computer.

My phone is past warranty, and never has had any issues, and has not been dropped or damaged. This problem just showed up out of the blue.

Anyone else dealt with this issue before or have any suggestions. Appreciate your responses.



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Jun 8, 2011
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Charlotte burb
I found this info doing a search, could your phone have an issue accepting a higher voltage? And if so, it does sound like a hardware issue.

USB port on the computer can only provide 500mA @ 5VDC by spec. The wall charger puts out 1000mA or 1A @ 5VDC.

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