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Iphone 4 Black Screen and Unresponsive


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Jun 25, 2014
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On Sunday night my iphone was plugged in while i was sleeping to charge when i woke up the screen was black and it would not turn on so i thought it needed to be charged after 7+ hours of it being plugged it i gave up.I tried to put it in recovery mode but my phone didnt even show the recovery mode symbol so I looked all over the internet for a solution and i even tried putting it in DFU Mode and restoring it that way but i just got a error. So i gave up and left my iphone untouched for a entire day while i was at school when i came home i plugged it in and my iphone had the dead battery symbol for 2 hours and then shut off. So i tried it again on wednesday and the same thing happened so i then tried to the repair apple mobile device support method and my iphone turned on and had the apple symbol and itunes recognized it but then it shut off and the screen went grey and had a line through it.

Sorry about the poor grammar/wording if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated
It's possible that the screen has failed or the connector has loosened. If you have an Apple Store nearby, make a Genius Bar appointment to have a diagnostic run.