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iPhone 4 Bandwith Woes - AT&T Not Intentionally Throttling


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Jun 18, 2010
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As reported on this forum yesterday, AT&T was suspected of throttling 3G speeds in various regions in the US, including NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, and many more, with members of the Macrumors forum reporting “ten-fold” decreases in upload speed. Apparently, upload speeds are topping out at 100Kbps, which is way below what the HSPA-enabled iPhone 4 should be able to handle. According to the latest update on the issue on AppleInsider though, there has been no intentional throttling by AT&T.

AppleInsider says that it has learned that the drop in speed is due to “an unintentional software glitch”, connected to High-Speed Uplink Packet Access in certain parts of the United States. Although AT&T has still not made any form of official statement on the matter, AppleInsider says that a fix for the problem is believed to be on the way in the near future.

Source: AppleInsider
Anytime I have ever had 3G problems and a tower goes down AT&T has given me a $30 credit. I'm not complaining :). (FYI I did havetoo call in to get it no auto credits lol)
really? how come they gave you it? i spend £10 a month or more on pay as you go and have unlimited 3g from o2.