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iPhone 4 and Parrot CK3100 Hands Free Kit


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Feb 17, 2011
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I just noticed a problem with my new Verizon iPhone 4 (16g) and the Parrot CK3100 handsfree kit for my vehicle (not sure if this is occurring with all Parrot kits or just the CK3100).

All my other past phones never had this problem...when receiving a call I always heard the stock Parrot ring over my stereo in the car...it was always loud and the same tone.
Ever since I got the iPhone...the stock ring tone over the speakers has been changed to the ringtone I am using on the iPhone (old telephone) and it is hard to hear and I find now that when the call is coming in I can't lower or raise the volume on the Parrot which I was always able to do in the past.
Also if I try to raise the volume when the call is coming in on the iPhone it stops the communication with the Parrot and goes to the phone instead.
After updating the most recent firmware on the Parrot I tried again but still the same. I called Parrot and they said it sounds like the iPhone is somehow taking over the Parrot's ringtone...
Any input or help?

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