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IPHONE 4 alarm clock stopped working???


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Oct 31, 2010
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I was awoken this morning an hour earlier then my alarm was set for so this was the first clue something was wrong with my phone...I then reset the alarm to go off and it did not work. I then restored the phone to factory settings, tried to set an alarm and it never went off (No Noise or prompt). I then restored my phone to a backup file, tried it again and still nothing. It lets you set the alarm but does not come up on the screen whenit was set to go off. All the time settings are current and all the noise settings are up. It is also set to the right time of day and to go off "everyday". My next step is to go into a genius bar and get their advice but I was hoping someone might know how to get around this.

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I ran into the exact same problem this morning. My alarm went off 1 hr early this morning and ever since it won't go off. Please let me know if you find a solution.
Did you ever get your problem resolved?

I have the same problem just didn't have the alarm go off an hour early. It just doesn't go off any more. Can't think that I changed any thing.
It's a problem that's affecting all iPhones due to the new year. Apparently it will fix itself tomorrow (3rd Jan). Recurring alarms should still work.

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