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iphone 4 8gb oriantion lock and tilt problem


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Feb 20, 2015
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hi friends
i buy a old iphone 4 8 gb modal 1332 ios 7.1.2
phone is good but when i photos it want rotate and when i playing highway rider game it not tilt
but when i played games it play in landscape mode and in gmaps it tilt too.
i download latest ipsw file to restore phone but it not solve the problem
phone oriantition lock is on off does not help me
plz help me
Welcome to iPhoneForums, sanjay009!

Some apps don't allow rotating to a different orientation. If it works everywhere else without problems, this might be one of the apps which can only be displayed in landscape mode.
in gallry photos not rotate to landscape mode
Reset your iPhone:
Press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo is visible. Let go of both. The iPhone will power up on it's own.

This kind of reset will not remove any data or settings on your device. It could help with your rotation problem.
You have the problem just with the Photos app and the images there?

Force close the app:
Double tap the Home button to reveal the multitask bar. Slide the thumbnail above the Photos app icon towards the top of the screen.
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It not work
When I play videos and sudden go to the photos it is rotate to landscape mode again I go to the photo it does not rotate what's the problem I don't know
Sounds like the accelerometer sensor is bad. This is the sensor thst basically tells the programs and APPs how the phone is facing. The games use this for tilt controls.

I have seen these simply get stuck. A good whack with the palm of you hand on each edge may do the trick.

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In this photo first accelerometer sender is not working I think how to fix and all sender working fine
My iphone is not tilt but I managed to go in landscape mode plz help me with tilt function