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iPhone 3GS - Help required for porting number


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Mar 20, 2011
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Help required for porting number
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Hello friends,
Pls guide me for the situation I am in. Sorry for my shallow knowledge.

I have an iPhone 3GS which has one year of contract pending. AT&T connection.

I am traveling outside USA and do not hope to return for another 9 months to a year at least.

I would like to use this iPhone abroad as well for which I need to get this unlocked.

I want to pay for early termination fee but ATT says that if i opt for ETF it would mandatory cancel the a/c and hence the associated mobile number as well.

I don't want the mobile number to be cancelled. I just want to go off the contract.

I am thinking of porting this number to another SIM card and then get the contract get cancelled on ATT iphone.

That way i can preserve my mobile number.

However i need help for two things -
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1. How to get number ported to another SIM? Process
2. Which SIM to purchase which I can keep in inactive status in USA (for time I am outside USA) without losing number so that I can use same number once I am back? and dont incur heavy charges?

I have another couple of days I am in USA so need to get this process completed as soon as possible.

PLS guide me and thanks in advance.


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