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iPhone 12 Max Pro photos not available till the next day?

Chris LeFebvre

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Jan 13, 2021
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I have a new iPhone Max Pro which I upgraded to from an iPhone 6 running IOS 12.x, one thing I don't understand is that when I take some photos and plug my phone into my Windows desktop (and I tap the allow message on the phone) and attempt to use Import Pictures and Videos I don't see the photos I just took but I do see all my older pictures and videos and it takes quite a while and in most cases not until the next day before they eventually show up in the Windows Import and Pictures and Videos. Now I don't have iTunes installed on my computer but I've never needed it, Windows 10 detects and installs the correct drivers for my iPhone and I see it listed as "Apple iPhone", if I browse the device to the DCIM folders I don't see the new pictures but just the old. I tried Googling this but found next to nothing other than to check if iCloud photos was on then install iCloud on my desktop computer but iCloud photos is off.

How can I fix this problem?