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Ipad Forum problem????


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Mar 2, 2013
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Perth, Western Australia
Whenever I try to load iPF - iPad Forum I get a format error and "Loading..." forever. I'm in Bali (instead of Perth) so that maybe it but I can use iPhone Forum in Bali without problems. I have used it for (many) months on Perth without problems before.

I have removed the App with the swipe upwards a couple of times AND have actually deleted the App and reinstalled it a couple of times too.... :(

Any ideas?
Cheez, I would have expected them to fix this pretty quickly???? :?

It was a "Parse" error BTW

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There already was an issue with the app - the developer never updated it for iOS 7 (not the same person/company as the owners of this forum). So, it already had issues as the last update the app did have was back in February 2013.

Then, Forum Foundry (the owners of the iPad forum ... and this one) switched the forum software from vBulletin to Xenforo. Now, the app that only runs on vBulletin and has not been updated for iOS 7 is really out of date.

The web version of the forum really does work well. And, you can make a springboard bookmark to get back to it quickly. Or, alternatively, the forum reading app Tapatalk can be used and it has a similar appearance to the "old" app. It comes in both a free and Pro/paid version and does work with the new Xenforo forum software.

Hope this helps clarify.