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iPad 2 Rumors And Speculation (Late November 2010)


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

2011 is getting closer and closer and for the first in the iDevice line-up to refresh we have, the iPad. The iPad 2 is set to launch early 2011 with tons of rumored features along with some we don't even know of. Apple could have something like... a robotic are come out from the headphone jack and serve your coffee ("here is some cab fare"). Well, the rumors are becoming more and more believable as the date gets closer.

This time we have a mystical USB port to be included in the 2nd Gen. This is now a standard in Europe and since Apple has cellular devices there... they are going to have to move a few things around, meaning micro or mini USB might be on the next model. This would of course replace the dock connector, or possibly just be a second port on the iPad. We also have a retina display most likely meeting up with the line-up, sweet! Facetime camera(s) and included Gyroscope are a bit of a no brianer. Finally we might see a more slim/ more mobile change to the body(could it really get smaller?).
I was going to get myself an iPad for Christmas..........guess I'll wait. A Retina Display would be a fantastic improvement.
how about a camera on back, retina on front, microSD card on 1 side and microUSB on 2 side of ipad2 ? to me its slimmer enought to hold it well and weight is fine also im getting used to it - PS: ohhhh another thing missing is a slide-out little foot on back to allow standing back vertical/horizontal the ipad to a 45• degree for reading/typing ;)