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Ipa files without jailbreaking?


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Nov 3, 2010
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I'm new here, so please dont flame me if this has already been discussed. I used the search and didnt see anything. Anyway, is it possible to install ipa files on an iphone 4 without jailbreaking it? I really don't want to jailbreak my device because I want the warranty, and my friend's jailbroken phone lags terribly. I do have the most recent ios update as well so I don't know if it's even possible.

Anyway, I have the file for handy light (for tethering) and the only other one I really want but don't have yet is the Dark Knight: HaHaHa. I have that one on my old iphone 3g but I got a new computer since then and I can't put my old purchases on the new computer because I don't have access to that account anymore so I can't authorize the computer.

Any way to get these apps on my phone without a jailbreak? Also, I have heard of "ipa god" but it doesn't seem to have ever been released and who knows if it was ever completed.
As far as im aware the only way to install apps on your phone without jailbreaking is via itunes. So if your somehow unable to authorise the account with which you purchased your apps you will have to buy them again using another account. Although you are allowed to authorise up to 5 computers to use with one itunes account.

Does your friend have the 4g? Ive jailbroke mines using greenpois0n and have no problems with it. As for the warranty. As long as you restore it before taking it to apple for repairs they wont know whats been done before.
dang thats sad lol. both of the apps i want are gone from the app store.

anyway...yeah my friend has the 4, i do as well. i do have the latest ios software though, so i'm not sure if I could jailbreak anyway. if i jailbreak, use it to put some apps on there, namely the two i mentioned which were once in the app store, then kill the jailbreak, would I lose those apps or would they still be there?
You can jailbreak 4.1 no problems. There's plenty of guides out there. The only way to unjailbrake you phone is to restore it or update it to the latest iOS. So you will loose all your data.

Of course you can restore from a backup, but if your phone isnt jailbroken then you can't get any awesome jailbroken features!!