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ioverclock app just came on cydia,it brings cpu level to how they should be??


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Aug 28, 2010
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i was on cydia and this ioverclock thing got added tday

its meant to bring cpu frequency how it should be becasue apple underclockit to save battery life but this makes it faster....

ivgot it it isa little bit fasterbut that might be just me!

there is no way to check the cpu frqeuncy before or after:(
My battery life is short enough..... If it had an SBS toggle I might consider it but.......
Hi guys,

This is my first post after I Googled iOverclock. I was looking for feedback in regards to this install too.

You really don't notice anything just buy browsing the UI, but gaming and app loads is a different story. I don't get any lag from Sonic 4 now, and I have the retina graphics hack installed. Street Fighter 4 is weird though because it seems the game has speed up to match the clock speed. I feels like Street Fighter II Turbo. I will report in regards to battery life. I stream Pandora at work all day so I will notice any battery life shortages. We need a SBSetting toggle quick though, along with a more aggressive over and underclock.
Maybe I'll check this out. Speaking of battery life will this allow you to underclock even more? Would be nice, I don't do much that requires a lot of CPU when I am out for the day.
Maybe I'll check this out. Speaking of battery life will this allow you to underclock even more? Would be nice, I don't do much that requires a lot of CPU when I am out for the day.

Its an overclock, not an underclock. Technically its not even an overclock though. The iPhone 4 is underclocked from the factory in its default settings. This guy just created a tweak that lets the A4 processor run at full stock speed of 1 GHZ. This thing is a huge peformance boost, but its killing my battery. I'm at 58% with 2hr 49 min of streaming Pandora and 3G phone talk. I wonder how much is the A4 underclocked though it must be running at like 700 Mhz. I usually get 4 to 5 hours of mixed use with 50% battery drain.
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First off, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND THEN SELECT IT AS A THEME WITHIN WINTERBOARD SETTINGS for this feature to work or be turned "on"...

For those concerned with battery life because they "dont use their phone alot" or it sits doing one thing all day...


For those who want SB settings toggle, there is a reason this is not on SBSettings, it was made as a theme because it requires respring... I know that SBSettings could respring for u... but they r not a fan of such things...

My question is more important:

While the iPhone 4 is plugged in, does it "ungovern" itself and has a "plugged in mode"? If so, is this iOverclocked just a plugged in faker type cpu boost? If so, it sounds really safe, obviously apple knew it could run like this while plugged in, and simply turned it down for mobile use...

Please let me know if u know any of these answers or u just want to tell me im wrong about something! ;)
Thanks for that last post I was wondering how to get it to work. I really don't notice any improved performance tho. Ill run it for a couple days and see how it goes.
Well guys i was using ioverclock today and i have to admit yes it does make a difference because i was playing reckless racimg without ioverclock and i would have some lags now and then i updated the iverclock today and kept t on all morning i have no lags in reckless driving lol so seems cool

And the the guys that want sbsettings u cannot, it will need to repring just like when you overclock a computet u have to retart it same with the iphone!

Even though its technically not an overclock hey atleast im getting full cpu speed!

Only problem is wish i could see it somehow :(
Just Used it on mine, Seems to be a bit faster. Just worried that it might fry the internals....But hey this is the power its supposed to run at sooo...
Battery life seems ok. 93% at lunch time. That's better than usual actually.
So are you seeing a difference beezy in performance???

I don't notice much of a difference with either battery life or performance tbh. The phone never felt "slow" or lagged before tho so I dunno.
I really didn't notice much off a difference either so I just deleted it.Is there a good app out there that can accurately measure the speed of the CPU?Maybe some before and after benchmarks would be in order?