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iOS Developer Reveals Controls that will be Accessible in the Apple Watch app


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Nov 27, 2012
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iOS developer Hamza Sood has posted a series of screenshots posted on his Twitter account, revealing some controls that will be accessible in the Apple Watch app. According to his tweets, the companion app will feature a dark theme with black background and white text. Here are some other interesting discoveries:

  • Main "My Watch" menu includes the following settings - App Layout, AirPlane Mode, Notifications, Glances, Do Not Disturb, Brightness & Text Size, Sounds & Haptics, Passcode and Health
  • Options for connectivity with iPhone apps like Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Passbook, Phone, Reminders, and more.
  • Apple Watch offers Handoff support
  • Sounds & Haptics settings lets users change the strength of haptic feedback from the device
  • Cover to Mute option allows users to quickly silence their watch by covering the display with their hand
  • Syncing playlists with the Apple Watch has a default 1-gigabyte limit, but users can expand it to 2 gigabytes
  • Notification Privacy option conceals details of a notification until the alert has been tapped
These options seem really useful, indeed. We will definitely know more about the device once it becomes available on April 24 starting at $349. Preorders, and in-store hands-on opportunities, will begin two weeks earlier on April 10.

Source: Twitter, AppleInsider