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iOS 9 Said to Focus Massively on Stability and Optimization


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Jun 18, 2010
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9to5 Mac reports today that Apple is set to make stability and OS optimization the main focus of iOS 9. While this used to be a given with Apple software, 9to5 Mac points out that frequent iOS releases and lots of new features has lead to more and more customer complaints about iOS stability.

9to5 Mac says that it has been told by sources that iOS 9 engineers are focusing massively on fixing bugs, maintaining stability, and boosting the performance of the next iOS version.

Keeping the size of the update manageable is another concern for the Apple engineers working on iOS 9, especially when considering owners of 16 GB iOS devices.

9to5 Mac says it is not yet clear if this means that only the very latest iOS devices will be supported by the update. for example only to those with 64-bit A7, A8, and A9 processors.

And while the focus of iOS 9 will be very much on stability, 9to5 Mac says that there will also be some new features to get excited about, such as Transit and indoor mapping modes.

Source: Apple 8217 s iOS 9 to have 8216 huge 8217 stability and optimization focus after years of feature additions 9to5Mac

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