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iOS 8update gone bad!

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Mike Perry

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Oct 14, 2014
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Hi all,

New to the site to hopefully you boys and girls can help fix my phone.

Ok. The iOS 8 update come out a little while ago so naturally I updated my phone. It took ages to download but it started to install eventually.
It deleted the old iOS 7 then went to install the new one after restarting. The apple icon appeared and then a loading bar appeared which slowly starts to fill with white. It gets about 1/4 full and then phone turns off. When I restart the phone the same thing come up and does it again.

I then connected to iTunes on the computer and tried to install like that. But even that refuses to install it. It does even less. I can't remember exactly what it says but on the computer screen iTunes says that it can't install due to an error but does not tell me what error,

The phone is now useless. It turns on, apple sign comes up and then the phone does nothing.

I installed iOS 8 on my iPad mini and now it is the slowest things since the day snails landed on this planet. Stalls, crashes, slow to load internet, takes ages to download emails.

Am I being stupid or is there something wrong with iOS 8?

It's been nice not having a phone for a while. It's peaceful with no calls every 5 minutes but I could really do with having it back.


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Oct 4, 2011
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This is an old thread and the OP hasn't been in the forum since the day after he posted.
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