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iOS 8 Update Problems Include Failed Updates and Inability to Restore


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Jul 27, 2011
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Yikes! There are so many folks out there slamming Apple's download servers trying to get the iOS 8 update that some major issues have been reported. Some folks have had their update fail and are now unable to restore from a backup. This includes users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch around the globe.

Between software update errors, server errors and others, updating to iOS 8 right now could be a harrowing experience. The worst culprit is actually an unknown error that sometimes pops up through iTunes. Afterwards, even clicking on the "possible fixes" link provided doesn't handle the issue in all cases. This causes the device to get stuck on the download process screen and rebooting it doesn't fix the problem.

It might be worth it to hold tight for a few days until the major glut of consumers is already finished getting the update.

Source: Gottabemobile