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iOS 11.0.1 Patch Released to Improve iOS 11 Performance

As said in iOS 11 the volume button doesn’t disturb in middle of the screen but it still exists even after upgrading to iOS 11.
I am still having Bluetooth issues before the upgrade to 11 it synced with my pick up truck eight 2017 without a problem now it doesn’t even think anymore as far as Siri goes it keeps telling me “Siri is not on the connected phone”
I installed it now on my iPhone 7 but I haven’t had a noticeable change in battery drain after going up to iOS 11.
I think also we all are using our phones more to find new functions and settings after a update.
I think we don’t think so much about it and think we use it as we normally do.
Then we wonder where all power in our battery went. [emoji6]
But hope this update helps if its the iOS 11 that gives some of us issues with battery drain.

I think that's a good point. I have been using mine a lot von forums like this to while away the time as I have a badly broken collar bone an can't do much else for a while but since 0700 to now 1330 it's dropped to 57%. I don't think that's too bad.
just off not important background app refresh..

Fair enough. On another note I too have noticed some differences in Bluetooth connectivity. My Bose SoundLink. It used to be a matter of turning it on and if Bluetooth was on in the iPhone it would say, "Connected to Rod's iPhone." Now it says this twice then says, "Rods iPhone Disconnected." I have to turn it off then on again to get it to pair.

That is a bit weird. It would annoy me, but things like that are seldom fixed by upgrades. To fix this I would suggest you do a reset to factory settings. Setup as new iPhone and restore from an icloud backup or iTunes if you have that. It's a bit of an arduous task I know.
just off not important background app refresh..

I think you're just lucky lol. I have my app refresh off and my battery life isn't good. It is getting better, but when my phone first got iOS 11, it was horrible.
Still burning through the battery pretty hard on mine

This is just now...
I’m so off subject.... how the heck do you start a new topic???? I’m new.

Go to Discussions tab, bottom of home screen, at the top next to the search bar you will see a doc icon with a plus (+) sign, tap that and pick the group you want to post to.
I’m so off subject.... how the heck do you start a new topic???? I’m new.
When you’re using a browser, tap Forums at the top, which will bring you to this screen:

Select one of the forums. Then choose “Post new thread”:

Write the title of your thread, and your comment, then select “Create thread”.

Hope that helps.