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Install or keep older version of app


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Oct 26, 2023
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-I have used an older version of an internet radio app on my iPhones and iPods for years. The newer versions of the app (after 2020) removed the ability to record, so I still use old versions of it on my devices which are IOS 13, 14.7, 15.7, and 16.7.
-When I set up a new phone with IOS 16 by doing a direct transfer from another IOS 16 iPhone, Apple updates all of my apps on the new phone without asking me.
-Is there any way or utility that will help me keep or install the old version of my app on other IOS devices?
Even if you could install an older version of an App on a new device it wouldn‘t be able to function with the newer advanced software of the latest operating systems.
The older version is already installed on another device with the version of IOS that I would like to install it on and it works fine, so that is not an issue.
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If you set up an iPhone from an iCloud backup or a backup on your computer, the latest version of the app will be downloaded.
Back when the apps were included in iTunes, you could install an older version of an app as long as your selected version was downloaded to your computer.
I used to occasionally install apps that way using the apps’ IPA file, and also did it for this app. I was hoping someone would be aware of a current method or utility that would achieve the same result.