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imessages not appearing on all devices


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Dec 7, 2011
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I have several devices (ipad2 work, ipad air home, and iphone 5) set to receive imessages sent to my iphone phone number. Sometimes the imessages appear on some but not all of the devices. It is especially annoying if they come through to my ipad at home but not my iphone on the road. All running 8.0.2. Ipads at home and work on wifi networks 100% of the time.

Can anyone suggest a cause or reason for this?

If no one else uses the iPad, I usually keep my air on airplane mode to avoid this problem (when I leave the house).
How should it work? What mechanism assures iMessages get delivered to all i-devices?
Make sure you have the appropriate e-mail and phone numbers checked under "Send and Receive". Also try turning iMessage off and then back on again. Sometimes that "resets" it.
Yes, of course all the phone number and addresses are OK. I'll try the reset, seems like some kind of timing issue. Does each device have to ack receiving the imessage back to the source? What if one device is temporarily off the grid, so to speak.
This may happen as from shifting to other iDevices, you may be get logged-out of your Apple ID and thus you may not be receiving any imessages.