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Texting/iMessage with iPhone and iPad


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Feb 8, 2013
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Thanks to everyone for their replies.

I live in Canada and cell carrier is Fido. I understand the difference between iMessage and Text(SMS) and how they work. iMessage uses wifi or data to send and receive messages using the messaging program iMessage in my phone and texting is through my provider, Fido. I don't have or want data service on my phone.

I'm trying to set my phone up, so that when I'm within a wifi signal (like my house or office), I would like to be able to send iMessages and when I'm not within a wifi signal I can use the text feature. I'm hoping that it will somehow automatically switch from one to the other, without me going into the iMessage feature and turning it on or off.

Are there certain features in iMessage that I should have on in my iPhone settings and iPad settings? Should I check marks next to my phone number and my email address? I also use my iPad to iMessage people that have iMessaging available.
I think iMessage is designed to do the opposite of what you are wanting, that it always will default to whatever data is on, wifi or your cellular data. If you don't want it to switch to data when you are out of wifi range, you have to turn iMessage off. It is when an iMessage does not send using data that it switches to using text messaging. However, if I am not understanding, I am sure someone will jump in and let us both know!


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Jun 8, 2011
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Charlotte burb
It's my understanding that SMS is not sent over data but rather is included in the cellular service. Hence the "unlimited talk and text" plans most carriers are promoting now. MMS (photos, video is multi media and DOES use data however) If u have "send as sms when iMessage is not available" set under the iMessage settings, you should be covered under your carrier talks and text plan and not use data. I would check this with your carrier though...They will know more your billing set up than we will.

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