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imap email sent mail behaviour


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Oct 24, 2012
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Hi all,

Can anyone please tell me when adding an imap email account through 'other' ie not gmail etc what is the default behaviour for saving emails sent from the iphone ie without changing any settings? Then in advanced settings / sent mail behaviour there are the options 'save on iphone' and 'save on server' so can can anyone please tell me what these two are meant to do? Does save on iphone means the emails are downloaded onto an SD card or something? (I didn't know imap could do this). Does 'save on server' mean that the emails are saved on the server and not on the iphone, or on both the server and the iphone? I think it must be the second one - surely this can't be a choice between saving either on the iphone or the server because surely lots of people want their sent mail on both, the same as they want their received mails on both (not one or the other) because the good thing about imap is that it synchronises the two.