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iCloud backup


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Oct 5, 2014
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I recently upgraded my iPhone 4s to the 5s both 16GB. I restored from my iCloud onto my new phone although it ended up being pointless as I had to delete all my apps and a load of photos as they wouldn't download. I've been since getting bombarded everyday with messages on my phone saying that it cannot 'backup to iCloud' as there isn't enough space available. So eventually I have DELETED the iCloud backup from my 4s in order that I can sync and back up my new phone. However it will not work. In the 'manage storage' section it says that 669MB or 5.0GB data has been used on my iCloud, my next back up is 4.2GB and that I need 3.6GB more to back it up! And that my 'latest backup' is 'incomplete'.

However what I don't understand is that the only thing I have selected to back up is the 'Photo Library' which is 2.8GB. (on iTunes in fact it says this is 3.25GB!) Someone please help as this is driving me mad as I'd like to have everything backed up knowing that iPhones always feel the need to go wrong and this situation is thoroughly confusing me!