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iCloud and Itunes backup help


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Aug 21, 2014
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Hi, I am wanting to backup all the stuff on my iphone so that I can easily get all of my stuff back when I get the Iphone 6. I would like to back up my Notes, Safari Tabs I have open, and Puffin (Web Browser Tabs).. I use Puffin for Flash, so that is why I need this. I was wondering whether iCloud backs the tabs up, and the notes.. Also can I use Itunes Backup in addition to iCloud (or do they do essentially the same thing?). One more thing, will this work fluidly when getting a new iphone 6? Or will some stuff not backup?
It depends how much storage your icloud has. if you have the free 5GB and a lot of apps on you iphone, you wont be able to back it all up. it is possible to buy more though, with a yearly/monthly fee. however, if you back up to your computer (itunes), there should be enough space. you can then move the data into your new iphone, but some apps may not be compatitable
maybe you should wait for apps to update to ios8 before backing up...
You can delete a lot of apps, then download them back after setting up the new iPhone. Even paid apps you can get back from your purchased list free. That doesn't work with apps that contain important data or files. But most you can do that with.

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But will my open tabs be saved aswell? I have open tabs in safari, Puffin, Chrome which are open (Don't feel like going through and bookmarking them as there are too many).
iTunes will back up everything. I do a backup once a month and certainly before buying a new phone. When I bought my 5s, I backed up my 4 before trading it out, and every last message, email, bookmark, app data, etc transferred over without a hitch.
Probably in the wrong place, does anybody know what I can do with an iphone 5 I bought second hand and the seller didn't reset it so his Apple ID is still on it. Won't answer my calls or texts :(