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I defected to note 3 and android but ??


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Sep 11, 2013
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am curious since I left I had the verizon iPhone 4 thought it was great and still use it as an iPod sorta.

anyways has apple loosened up some and allow more customer customization on the latest iPhone 6 ??

I really like making my own ringtones using an included feature called voice recorder so I made ringtones from Roy Orbison's greatest hits and also from my train whistles.

anyways bring me up to date with what apple is allowing or not.

and yes android is okay but has issues with freeze framing and having to pull battery so I know the drill. am not here trolling as my contract is up in November so am getting all information I can as frankly I like android but have to admit Apple just works seamlessly.

Thanks in advance for any information and or leads to where I can read all that you CAN DO on apple iPhones.
Apple loosening up? Well, a bit. You can add keyboards. Actually, I have had custom ringtone since my IPhone 4 so I know you can do that and there has been lots of instruction on that on this site and Google. Not sure why you were not aware of that but you can do that. Others here can give you more and better info. GL