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How to see/remove "ghost" documents on iCloud?


Mar 15, 2013
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My iCloud shows me (either on iCloud.com site, as shown on the attached screenshot, or via Settings "app" on iDevices) that it contains some "documents".

It's not about the size, but I'm curious to see what these ghost documents are, and how to delete them. The thing is, I don't even use most of the iCloud services (apart from Mail, which is currently empty and is usually displayed differently in the storage quota indicator).
I once tried turning iCloud Drive on, and checked its content after a while, but it was empty. Yet, the system still displays as though I have some "documents" on iCloud. Is there any other/"special" tool to check and delete this?
In Settings - your Apple ID - iCloud - Storage, tap the bar that shows your iCloud storage, then tap Manage Storage and scroll down to Documents & Data. There you can see what uses iCloud storage space, and remove data stored in iCloud.
I already did that, but there's nothing there... just this: