MacBook Air 2017 Storage Mystery

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    MacBook Storage situation

    Main SSD 250gb

    System shows. 96.74gb

    iCloud 37.9gb have upgraded to 50gb

    Documents 7.08gb

    iOS files 5.73gb

    Apps. 4.81gb

    Photos 3.11gb

    Music 2.64gb

    I have only had this MacBook air 2017 since late January this year.

    I’m having some confusion regarding the storage setup on this MacBook I know its only 250gb storage that was no problem.

    What i don’t understand is the storage figures showing as most of what I have is on the cloud.

    I don’t have a lot of photos on the ssd as they are on an external drive and music, The most of the items are documents etc.

    When i select the apple logo top left and select storage the figures there are totally confusing me it show very high amount ie. it shows that I have 37.9gb in iCloud But on my iPhone and iPad the iCloud only shows 17gb used of 50gb yes I have upgraded iCloud to 50gb 79p per month.

    Can you please explain that difference please.

    I have deleted most of my documents etc there is only ten documents left on my documents folder.

    Also deleted all the info that i had on the cloud from this macbook.

    The storage still don’t make an sense to me can anyone Please put me in the light on how this storage setup works on the MacBook Air

    Does my question make any sense I don’t use the time machine as I was told that it would add a lot of storage to my drive

    The system is telling me that I only have 85gb free storage. Does that method give the correct


    Many thanks David confused.

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