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How to reset iPhone without requiring iCloud


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Apr 9, 2017
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Hello guys, I wanted to reset my iPhone 4s. I am logged in with my iCloud which I know the email/password. My question is, if I remove my iCloud account and disable the Find My iPhone feature is there any chances that this iPhone will require me to sign in with any iClouds from the past as when I bought this one it was used, or disabling my own iCloud will leave the iCloud account blank and it will not require any emails/passwords.
Thanks in advance.
When you disable Find my iPhone and sign out of iCloud, your iPhone won't be connected to your iCloud account any more, and it will not ask for your iCloud password.
When you sign in to www.icloud.com, it will not be listed in your devices.

The device shouldn't ask for the password of an iCloud account that has been used on it before, because it has been removed from that ID.
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Are you planning on setting the phone up as new to sell/pass it on or to simply start afresh?