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How to remember birthdays with Siri


Oct 3, 2011
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San Jose, CA


We all have trouble remembering certain details. With our busy schedules and complex daily interactions it’s no wander why you ended up the black sheep of the family. You forgot your mother’s birthday, picking up your husband’s/wife’s clothes from the dry cleaners and you always seem to forget to fill that certain prescription your aunt needs so badly. Your humanly brain can’t seem to be able to keep pace with your over stuffed life. But lucky you that Siri comes to the rescue.

Even if your husband/wife doesn’t really like to help relieve you of your duties, Siri does, and she loves it. Need to find a way to remember birthdays? Well here it is. Just take out your iPhone 4S and talk to Siri. You have the birthday recorder in your calendar, right? Ok, then:
  1. Use the Home button and wait until Siri pops up.
  2. Ask Siri: When is [name]’s birthday?
  3. Then wait for Big Brained Siri to answer
There¬ís the option of entering your own birthday (my ¬Ė yes some people might get so distracted that they tend to forget even their own names), real names (Danny Collins¬ís) or relationships (my cousin¬ís).
Now, if Siri could swing the option of birthday Reminders in the upcoming future, our families would stop giving us the hateful eye when we walk in the door and we could become everybody¬ís favorite. But since Siri is currently in ¬ďBeta¬Ē testing officially and the company has no official date for the final polished version will be live and rolling, you can only dream.



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