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how to record the iphone springboard


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Jun 15, 2010
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so i remember some one asking how to do it and there where replies of a app in cydia that costs money but there is a free way to do it using

RealVNC - VNC on your pc

and then veency from cydia that is free app and it lets you record your screen. though video wallpapers dont load very well but oh well
How does veency record? Or is it the Real VNC that does it?

basically the app i gave the link to download the pc app it connects to your iphone and veency is like openssh where it allows the app to connect, then from your pc you record the screen :)
I've got veency installed and tight VNC on my PC. Can view and control the iPhone from PC but how do you record?

Not that I think I'll ever use it mind you... Lol
i think you can control it yes... well you open the app from your pc and then type in the ip of your iphone and connect, then you press accept on your iphone and your connected, you see a box on your desktop with your iphone screen and options to record..etc

lol i doubt ill use it either but its nice to have it there, maybe one day ill decide to use it
Ive got it all liked up. With tight VNC I can control my phone. Been trying out a few different uses for it the past few weeks.

I was just abit confused as to where the record function was. I see now it's in the real VNC programme. I don't have that option on tight VNC.

Does the view work ok in apps. I'm having alot of issues with the refresh rate because of the 4g's impressive screen...
to be honest i havent even tried recording yet i knew i was able to though lol...
How's the refresh rate with real VNC? It takes a few seconds for the screen to display correctly with tight VNC. I'm just wondering if it's a limitation of programe or the VNC service itself.

If you get a chance let me know how the recording goes...
i paid for RealVNC.Enterprise. because the free edition did not support macs lol

but when i get a chance i will make a video and put it up...

this app would of been handy when i made a video on how to get free unlimited gems on froggy jump/launcher