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How To Get iPhone Tethering The Cheap Way


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

Most people out there who use a Jailbroken device and are in need of tethering often turn to MyWi. Well, if you don't mind using and iPhone cable or Bluetooth the connect your iPhone to your laptop or other device, this ones cheap. For $2, this tweak will enable your tethering on your phone how it was suppose to be. So you get native iPhone tethering enabled, just like it is in other countries. This is much easier to set up and much more "loyal" to your Apple product. If there is a way to tether this way to your iPad, I will try to find one and post a video on it. To download this tether method, search "TetherMe" in Cydia.
tq for the info...
Hey Phil....
One question...and one comment.
Question is...did you hear about Handylight that was in the app store for a bit back in June or July? Any ideas about other options like that so I don't have to jailbreak my new 4.0 phone? My 3G was jailbroken but ran considerably slower. I love that my 4.0 is running at top speed now and am worried that a jailbreak will slow it down. That being said...if I do jailbreak...it will be ONLY to tether....so besides Cydia, that's the only program I'd be adding...so maybe it won't slow down much. Your comments on your phones performance after jailbreaking would be appreciated.

Second...a comment. You were talking about looking for a way to get the iPad to work off the iPhone tetherme feature. I realize this is kind of redundant....because if you had a laptop....why bother....but what if you use USB to connect to a laptop and enter tether mode, and then create an adhoc wireless network? Will the iPad then see that and be able to use it? I know it's kinda useless because why bother if you have the laptop available....but at least you can see if that works and maybe that will spark other ideas?

Thanks for the input. I'm interested in any other ideas (besides giving AT&T more money) to tether without jailbreaking or, again, your comments on your 4.0's performance after jailbreaking.