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How To Fix iPhone, iPad, iPod Not Connect to iTunes


Apr 18, 2012
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Jakarta, Indonesia.
Hello everyone!

Sometimes, u so annoying with 'trust this computer' and u choose no in ur iPhone. This will be a problem in the future. what the problem? iDevice can't connect to itunes. then, there are some tips, I tried some and maybe I can share a little with you.

On Windows 8
  1. Connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod to your PC
  2. Go to: Control Panel > Device Manager
  3. Click on: Portable Devices
  4. Right click on: Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod > Update Driver Software
  5. Choose: Browse my computer for driver software.
  6. Go to: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
(Note: this is for Windows 8, but the solution for other versions is similar - you might need to try a few other folders, but are still looking for "Apple Device" under "Device Manager".)

On OSX (Mac)

1. Resetting Dialog Warnings in iTunes

After you tapped on “Don’t Trust”, there’s actually no going back as long as your iPhone is connected and iTunes running. But there’s a reset-warnings option within iTunes which can work. Let’s first try that:

· Disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

· In iTunes on PC/Mac, click Edit → Preferences

· Click on the Advanced tab


· Click on the Reset Warnings button

· Close iTunes.

Now, connect the iPhone back. If you see the Trust/Don’t Trust dialog come up, tap on Trust and the issue is now resolved. iTunes should be able to access your iPhone data.

2. Disconnect, Quit iTunes, Wait and Retry

The first method is usually a sure-shot way of fixing an accidental “Don’t Trust” click. 99.99% of the time, it works. In the rare event that it doesn’t work, this is what you need to try:

· Disconnect iPhone from the computer

· Quit iTunes on the computer

· On the iPhone, go to Settings → General → Reset and reset all settings. (this doesn’t remove the data or apps. It just resets things like Wi-fi passwords and clears cache)

· Open iTunes on PC/Mac.

· Connect the iPhone.

(alternatively, you can switch off the iPhone and then plug it to the computer. This will power it on and the dialog shows up after the iPhone powers on)

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