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How do I import my videos to the camera roll?


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Jan 1, 2013
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In iOS 8 I was able to upload videos taken with the iPhone into separate folders into my photos.

With iOS 9, NONE of my videos taken will upload to my iPhone.

iOS 8 photos;
Camera roll
Family (photos and video uploaded)
Friends (photos and videos uploaded
Security cameras (photos and videos uploaded)

iOS 9
Camera roll
Family (ONLY photos upload, no videos now)
Friends (ONLY photos upload, no videos now)
Security cameras (ONLY photos upload, no videos now)

How in iOS 9 do I upload my personal videos to my iPhone? Only photos upload now! Is this another iOS 9/iTunes bug?
When I take a video with my iPhone it creates an album titled Videos and puts the video there. It is in my album list.
What's messed up is IOS 8 and below allowed for videos in user created folders. It seems this has been removed in iOS 9. Arghh