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High signal strength


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Aug 12, 2014
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Does the iPhone 5S struggle in high signal areas? I have just been sitting in a car park, next to a high rise building with what I suspect to be the network I use mast, using 3G. I have the dB enabled on the iPhone, and it was registering -61dB at one point, and I couldn't make calls too well, with either the audio cutting out, or call failed showing up on the display. Internet too was stuttering and slow overall. I've just moved down the road, and everything is fine now. I was surprised to see this problem, as my wife and her iPhone 4s had no problems.
Possibly your angle to the building. Were you more under it than when you moved down road. Mobile signals are blocked by mass (like all RF signals) so if you are under a building that has a mast on top, that is ironically not a great place to be. If not, you might be wrong on where the mast is.
I've worked in a building with a mast (and the company who owned the freehold were too stupid to get free 3G at least) and mobile was great on the top tree floors... The bottom two were bad. Never thought to get actual cell info at the time though... I'll know better next time.

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