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Hey greetings from TX


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May 24, 2011
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Glad to meetcha' :DI just received my iPhone 4 a few minutes ago. I have always wanted one and now my dream has come true! I know I am gonna love it. I am using/was using a Droid Eris. I was new to smart phones a year ago when I got my first one. Geez was I ever confused and felt incredibly dumb. Then as time went by I got madder and madder because of the problems I started having. I swore I would not go thru the same problems with the iPhone. (I plan to really look at the user manual!) What Verizon didn't tell me and they should truly tell every new owner of a phone (not an iPhone because none of these things are valid for this phone) is that there is a certain amount of internal memory and that you run out fast and that these phones have an end of life that makes the phone useless as far as updates go and anything else new that comes along. When I found out that the iPhone has none of these I wanted to switch immediately but of course I couldn't. So (wow what happened to the other font?sorry I won't do that again) I have patiently waited for a year and Verizon allowed an upgrade early but then added another year to the contract.:(
Didn't mean to get so wordy but I am so happy now that I have this phone and glad to find what looks like a great forum that is fun and solves problems fast.
Welcome vais.... from Abilene. I enjoyed your posting. I'm sure you will enjoy your new iP4 -- it's a gem.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Like you said, the forum is alive and questions get answers prety fast. Enjoy your phone.

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