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HELP with vanishing calander notes


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Dec 10, 2010
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HI there,
Have been a new iphone 4 dude for 4 weeks and LOVE IT!
But, have a strange occuring prob.
I sync it hard wired with outlook and all is fine.
However I check out my calander for appoinmnets many many times a day and at least once a day my chosen calendar when I go to open up the note will be blank???? and sometimes it is slightyl turned black in the calander note background and sometimes on the day view it will dissapear the black hour and half hour seperator lines. Say I click on a clander and sometimes it is blank and nothing there even thougb I know there is date there.
I have about 2700 calander entries from a 3 yrs of appoinment and notes etc and this is a real bummer.
Can you let me knoew if you have a fix for this or if any of your apple people knowe a solution asap please?
Al the best,