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Help! Need to Sync urgently but can't!


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Dec 30, 2010
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Ok, this is the situation I find myself in:

1. Recently swapped out Laptop, so have no iPhone4 backup

2. Missus put iPhone in washing machine..... I know.

3. Phone is dead but insured, new one coming today.

4. I have put the phone near a heat source in an effort to dry it out ovenight, in the vain hope that I may be able to get it to power up long enough to get it synced (and get all my calendar and contact info back) before the replacement arrives.

5. Plug it into the PC this morning and to my surprise it comes on! However, there was a 4 digit passcode on it and as it can't seem to reister a SIM card any more it won't let me enter the code to get in and sync it (only emergency call option is displayed).

So, is there anyway I can get past the emergency call dialogue to unlock the phone and get it synced?

Many many thanks.