Help me! Lost all of my backup data after restoring to iOS 5!

Discussion in 'iPhone iOS' started by edenrabi, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I am in need of your help because my iPhone data has been wiped out. There was very important information on this iPhone, and it needs to be retrieved.

    I am the owner of an iPhone 3GS, I plugged it in to my Windows 7 PC in-order to update it to iOS 5. I backed the phone up, and continued with the update. When the update finished, the phone was still connected to the computer and the welcome screen came on. I went through all the steps until I got to setting up my phone using an old backup, when I checked out my computer I saw for some reason that the iPhone was syncing as a new iPhone, and that it already backed up as a new iPhone, wiping out all the information of the backup I made before updating to iOS 5.

    I've been searching online for hours now and I am desperate for your help. What can I do to retrieve an old iPhone backup? iTunes only saves the recent one and the recent one is useless, no information on it whatsoever.

    Help me!
    Thank You,

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