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HELP! I can't facetime my friend, becuase my ios version is lower.


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May 23, 2014
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I had my iPod 4G jailbroken on ios 6.1.3, and it doesn't let me facetime my friend. I saved my SHSH blobs (if you don't know what these are it doesn't matter), and I updated to 6.1.6. After updating, I was able to facetime him. I want to put the jailbreak back on my iPod, but I need to facetime him. So, I was wondering if there are any patches on Cydia for this. Thanks in advance :)
You can jailbreak your iPod on iOS 6.1.6. There aren't any standalone patches that fixes this AFAIK. No one on the Reddit community has made one.

Follow this guide to tethered jailbreak your device on 6.1.6 using RedSn0w, then install the p0sixspwn package through Cydia.
I don't feel comfortable jailbreaking my ipod on redsn0w. It takes too long, and too many things can go wrong. I prefer sn0wbreeze and p0sixspwn.
Outside of RedSn0w there are no guaranteed ways of jailbreaking or resolving the issue. There's a makeshift unofficial p0sixspwn utility revamped by a Redditor. It works from comments but I haven't tested it personally, and an update for 6.1.6 for either Sn0wbreeze or the p0sixspwn utility is not a priority and will probably never show.

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I just used redsn0w, then got the p0sixspwn untether package. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Thanks!