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Jul 12, 2010
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I have had the iphone since the first day it came out. I have bought 4 iphones and i ipod touch. I find that since I bought my imac 24" the syncing of the iphone is much faster that on a PC. I love PC's and Mac's. I will not give up one for the other. Each one has it's place. I enjoy teaching my young children how to use electronics and each have their own iphone (wi-fi only) to play around with. I think that with the google influx of phones coming out will only make it better for all of us. Imagine what the iphone will be like in 5 years. Now smile and let's share the love of technology.
I agree! I would switch in a heartbeat if there was a phone that would allow me to do all my smartphone tasks faster. But since the first iPhone there hasn't been one. Yes, a few had better cameras,better battery life. But none have the silky smooth UI that I and many others have grown to love.