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Mr Darcy

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Oct 30, 2010
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NSW, Australia
Hi All,
I have recently bought an iPhone 4. Not sure why, except that my old phone had given me the pip since I bought it about 8 years ago.

My intention was for just a phone, but felt that GPS capability & iPod replacement were worth a bit extra.

Since then I have discovered a wealth of things this gadget can do. I have installed a Spanish languange dictionary ( I am trying to learn!), Geocaching App, Tiltmeter & Tapatalk among others. These are changing my mind about what this device is useful for.

I have been a Techo for more years than I care to admit, but the fact that my first computer predated the original IBM PC (The one with a cassette port!) may give you a clue.

After 20 odd years in the PC/M$ World, I have in the last year or two been moving to the dark side of Apple. I have an iMac, iPod (superseded) and not an iPhone.

I no longer have to have the latest and greatest. A tool is a tool after all, but when I do upgrade, I tend to go for the top of the range so that I can delay the need for replacement. I guess this was driving the purchase of the iPhone.

I live in the beautiful Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney Australia. Though they are mountains only to us Australians, and the odd poorly travelled Brit. Anyone who has seen the real thing thinks of them as foothills.